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Breast Cancer Gene-Expression Miner v4.9
(bc-GenExMiner v4.9)

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  • The tool and its use:
  • bc-GenExMiner v4.9 is a statistical mining tool of published annotated breast cancer transcriptomic data (DNA microarrays [n = 11 359] and RNA-seq [n = 4 421]). It offers the possibility to explore gene-expression of genes of interest in breast cancer.

    The statistical analyses are grouped in three modules: "correlation", "expression" and "prognostic" (see flowchart). Results are presented in tables, maps and various kinds of plots (hexbin, scatter plots; correlation matrix; box and whisker, bee swarm, violin, raincloud plots; Kaplan-Meier curves).

    Description of bc-GenExMiner is detailed in references.

    New Updated on Dec 12, 2022.
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